Hallbrook 200HI Impulse Sealer Maximize

Hallbrook 200HI Impulse Sealer

This device is mainly for sealing 200mm wide bags. Ensuring an air-tight and water-tight fastening to protect products for consumer satisfaction.

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$ 67.15

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Hallbrook 200HI Impulse Sealer is a cost-effective solution for seal length sizing up to 200mm x 2mm. Sample materials which can be sealed by this equipment are: Mylar, Polypropylene, Pliofilm, and Kel-F. Ensuring a wide range of application and neatly presenting a quality product for customers.


Seal Length:

200mm x 2mm

Electrical Connection:

1x230V, 50 Hz

Seals Materials:

Polythylene Pliofilm P.V.A.

Polyurethane Kel-F Tivac

Polyvinylchloride Polyflex Saran

Polypropylene Mylar Nylon

All other Heat Sealable Material